Product Specification

OZONE OUTPUT 20/40/60 uG per Sec with pure oxygen as input. Selection on Ozone output by 3 switches. Suitable for medical treatment applications. Useful for Ozone therapy prectising doctors.

Very High power ‘OZONE’ generator.  Ozone is produced by High Voltage Corona Discharge technique. Either you can have air pump (available inside the unit) as input or you can connect 'oxygen cylinder' as input. Pure oxygen as input will incresase the quantity of Ozone output. 

This high concentration of Ozone is useful for ...

1. ozoneted water drinking.

2. Disinfecting - killing bacteria and virus.

3. Bagging - a ozone base treatment.

4. Detoxicating - removing pesticides and germicides from vegetables and fruits.

5. Super Charge Oxygen - used for different treatments.


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