Product Specification

OZONE BASE VEGETABLES and FRUIT PURIFIER. Must for you and your family HEALTH. Purifies food like fruits & vegetables by killing bacteria, virus, germs etc. and removing poisonous germicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizer, etc. to protect from diseases like... "CANCER". It  also cleans antibiotics and hormones which invariably remains in seafood,  fish, CHIKEN & meat.

It is electronic ‘OZONE’ generator. Ozone gas is produced by High Voltage Corona Discharge technique. This gas is discharged in a water filled bowl which then ionize the water. Ozone being most powerful reacting agent will purify the vegetables and fruits kept in that bowl by disinfecting & detoxicating them. Duration for ozone discharge in the bowl can be set by electronic quartz controlled timer of the ‘FoodPure’. System will shut down by itself after the completion of preset time. Duration for Ozone discharge is decided according to weight & impurity of the Food.

ONE REAL FACT :  Germicides,  Pesticides,Chemical fertilizer, Bacteria, Virus, etc. which goes in the stomach  along with  when we eat Vegetables & FruitsIt then INVITES  the killer disease  like  “CANCER”.                                 

Vegetables  &  Fruits are very  beneficial if consumed  raw but proves to be even more harmful if theyare not cleaned and purified properly.... They contains pathogen like bacteria, virus, germs, etc. along with   poisonous  chemicals  like  germicide,  pesticide,  etc.....   Such  impurity  will  not  be  removed completely  by simply washing with water....  Bacteria, Virus may get killed by cooking but poisonous chemicals like germicide & pesticide remains unaffected.....  These poisonous chemicals causes fatal damages  to  human  body  in  due  course of time and leads to killer disease like  “cancer” and many other such fatal diseases.

 VEGETABLE & FRUIT PURIFICATION : It decomposes,  oxidizes  &  disintegrates  Germicides, Pesticides, Chemical  Fertilizers  and  residual  chemicals. It also kills Bacteria, Virus & Germs  from  the  surface of the Vegetables & Fruits. Purifies them by disinfecting and detoxicating.

 SEA FOOD & MEAT PURIFICATION : Deodorizes typical ‘sea food odour’ and disinfects them from Germs, Virus & Bacteria.   Also clears antibiotics and hormones remains in the meat, sea food, fish, etc.

IMPROVES WATER QUALITY : Kills  Bacteria,  Virus  &  Germs  to improve  water quality and make it pure, sterilize, safe & best for Bathing, Brushing, Shaving, Cooking, etc.






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