Our Work Force


Right from the day one, we are operating under clear cut guideline that “Company will not sell their product to end user customers”. Company will appoint dealers and marketing agents who will interact with end user customers. Prime concern behind this policy was to give maximum attention to the end user customer with devoted marketing support, product knowledge, product application, product installation and finally most effective after sales support and services.

So, under the guideline of this policy, all the end user customer enquiries will be directed to the concern dealer or marketing agents to obtain best outcome.

Moreover, we welcome dealership enquiries for unrepresented areas.



Under our expansion projects, continuous new and innovative product developments and for mutual growth we are looking for Dealers and Marketing agents in un-represented areas. Their liabilities would be to interact as a bridge between end user customer and the company. They will ......

  1.     Extend effective marketing support.
  2.     Share product knowledge with end users.
  3.     Suggest best option for product application.
  4.     Commence product installations.
  5.     Provide effective after sales support.
  6.     Look after service(s) as and when required.
  7.     Fully, liable for end user customer satisfaction.
  8.     Explore for new possibilities in marketing and sales.

In return, company will provide products with attractive discounts. Quantity based discount structure will be offered. All necessary product warranty and technical supports (off-site) will be provided. Company will see to it, that their good-will in the market and their relation with the end user customer is overwhelmingly happy and well maintained



Dealership will be given to those who will work “exclusively” for the company and will sell only our products. Marketing agents will work under the Dealer of that particular area. Marketing agents can work exclusively for the company or can work as part time agents. Part time agents can market the product on commission bases. They will look after marketing only and rest of the responsibility will taken by the area dealer.



We are manufacturing number of different product having wide verity of features. It covers different fields and finds their uses in different domestic as well as industrial applications. Anybody, who has interest, current job or previous experience ‘relevant’ to our products,  can become our mutual growth partner. We welcome you if you are in the field of electricity, wiring, electric contractor, civil contractor, plumber, security system dealer, service engineer, Inverter field dealer cum service agent, Water purifier or RO system dealer or service agent, trader of electric goods or plumbing goods, motor cum pump dealer or agent, Medical Representative, pharmaceutical field agent or agent in medical instruments, etc.



Please fill the following form. Information given by you will help us to offer you best Deal, Product and Area. 



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